5 Situations That Need Immediate Attention from an Emergency Dentist

Tooth decay, a chipped tooth, and gum disease are all common dental emergencies in Clermont, FL. The best way to maintain oral health is to prevent such issues with proper dental care, but knowing what to do when a dental emergency occurs can help prevent long-term damage. So, what are the most common dental emergencies, and how should you handle them? Our dentist at Smile 4 Me Dental will help restore good dental health and prevent long-term damage with proper first aid treatment and prompt response.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Most people are hesitant to seek emergency dental care because it is usually more expensive than a regular dentist appointment. Some people dismiss the symptoms, which can lead to serious oral health issues. Here are the five situations in which emergency dental services are required.

Persistent Toothaches

A toothache is never a good sign. Some toothaches can be managed with proper dental care, but symptoms such as bleeding or swelling require immediate medical attention. When suffering from persistent toothaches, avoid self-medication such as aspirin and other over-the-counter pain relievers. Such medications could burn your gums if they come into contact with them. Instead, apply a cold compress to your cheek and contact emergency dental office right away. Following treatment, the dentist will emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene in order to avoid cavities, decay, and other oral hygiene issues.

Broken Crowns or Chipped Teeth

A broken or chipped tooth is not only unsightly but also painful. If you bite down too hard and break a tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and use a gauze piece to stop the bleeding. After the bleeding has stopped, apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek to relieve pain and swelling. When you seek emergency dental care, your dentist will advise you to be cautious when biting into hard and crunchy foods to avoid further tooth damage.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse the dirt from its root as you would with a chipped or broken tooth. Avoid removing or scrubbing attached tissue fragments, as this may result in infection. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be able to reposition your tooth, but be careful not to push it too far into the socket. If you do this as soon as possible, you have a better chance of saving a knocked-out tooth. If you are unable to re-insert the tooth, rinse it with a cup of water or milk laced with a pinch of salt. This will keep the tooth safe until you contact our Clermont, FL emergency dentist.

Broken Orthodontics

Braces can be difficult to wear. These metal brackets and wires are designed to withstand daily use while talking, eating, or chewing. Even then, your braces may have broken wires that poke your gums or cheeks.

Broken orthodontics will cause discomfort and may cause the process of aligning your teeth to be reversed or slowed. When this occurs, place the broken wires in a comfortable position and seek emergency dental care. If that isn't an option, cover the wire with orthodontic wax, gauze, or a cotton ball. Avoid cutting the wire, no matter how inconvenient it may feel.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscess in the mouth is an infection that has spread to the root canal. A tooth abscess can result in tooth sensitivity, pain, fever, gum inflammation, and swelling. A dental abscess, if left untreated, can spread to other teeth, surrounding tissue, and other parts of your body.

Check your gums for a pimple-like swollen spot to see if you have a dental abscess.Try rinsing your mouth with warm water and applying ice to your swollen gums for temporary relief. If the swollen area is painful, contact Smile 4 Me Dental for emergency dental services in Clermont, FL.

How to Prevent a Dental Emergency?

Most people take oral hygiene for granted until they have a dental emergency. If you've ever had tooth pain or a serious infection, you understand how distressing dental emergencies can be. The best way to avoid dental emergencies is to become more knowledgeable about proper dental hygiene, signs of an infected tooth, and when to see an emergency dentist.

1.Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is important to brush them at least twice a day. Brushing your teeth for at least two minutes first thing in the morning and before going to bed is recommended. Electric brushes are great because they have an inbuilt timer, but if you prefer a manual brush, keep a timer in your bathroom or use your phone.

2. Use a Mouth Guard

When participating in contact sports such as football or rugby, a protective mouthguard is required. If you are at risk of getting a blow to the mouth while playing, you must wear a mouthguard. Dental injuries can result in cracks, chips, or the loss of a tooth.

3. Schedule a Dentist Appointment if You Get a Chipped or Cracked Tooth

You'll end up looking for emergency dentists if you leave a damaged tooth untreated for too long. Ignoring the issue allows bacteria to grow in your mouth, resulting in tooth decay. In the worst-case scenario, waiting for the problem to escalate into a dental emergency may necessitate more expensive treatment options such as root canal therapy or tooth extraction. A chipped or cracked tooth is easier and less expensive to repair, and it saves you from unnecessary pain.

Do You Need Emergency Dental Services in Clermont, FL? Smile 4 Me Dental Is Here for You!

Smile 4 Me Dental is among the most reliable dental care services that offer same-day appointments to patients in Clermont, FL. Our skilled emergency dentist understands the importance of good dental health and can help you maintain your perfect smile. Call (352) 243-9930 for an emergency appointment.

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