Common Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments

When you think about root canals, what comes to mind? For many people, the perception of root canals is that they are a painful and scary treatment. However, this is not always the case. Many common misconceptions about these treatments are not true. Below, we look into the common misconception about root canal treatment in Clermont, FL. If you need dental treatment and are considering a root canal, read on to learn more about this important procedure.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to restore and repair a blemished tooth. It can preserve your natural tooth permanently. After the procedure, it's advisable to keep your teeth clean so the treated tooth can survive for many more years.

However, some patients visualize root canal procedures as entailing syringes, needles, throbbing pain, and a process that takes time to finish, which is not the case. Different myths and misconceptions about root canal treatment make patients anxious about the procedure.

When Is a Root Canal Procedure Needed?

Root canal treatment is usually undertaken when the smooth inner part of the tooth gets injured or has infections. Mostly the crown of your tooth remains in position when the pulp dies. Eradicating the infected or damaged pulp is usually the best procedure to retain the structure of your tooth.

Some of the causes of pulp damage are:

Tooth decay caused by your untreated cavity

Repeated dental procedures which are undertaken on the same tooth

Cracks present in your tooth

A cut on your tooth and deep cavity

What Are the Three Stages of Root Canal Treatment in Clermont, FL?

Cleansing of the Root Canal

The Dentist will first remove all things present in the interior of the root canal. Then you will be placed under local anesthesia while the surgeon makes a small hole on the exterior of your tooth and eradicates the infected pulp tissue using tiny files.

Root Canal Filling

The Dentist will clean, shape, and disinfect the void area using small files and solution mixtures. The tooth will then be filled with a rubber material using adherent cement to enclose the canals. After the tool canal treatment, the tooth will be dead, and you will no longer feel any discomfort since the blood vessels have been eradicated and the infection removed.

Crown Adding

After root canal filling, your tooth will be fragile. A tooth lacking dental pulp receives nourishment from the ligament, which attaches your tooth to the surrounding bone. However, the nourishment will become sufficient, making the tooth weak hence the need to add a crown for protection. In addition, the patient is allowed to use the tooth once the crown filling is complete.

Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatment

Several misconceptions exist about root canal treatment are:

Myth #1: Tooth Removal Is Superior to Root Canal Treatment

When most patients find the likelihood of root canal treatment frightening, they opt for tooth removal, which is less intimidating. However, preserving your original tooth is usually the best choice since the natural tooth functions efficiently compared to a replaced tooth. In addition, replacement choices, for example, dental bridges, are often more costly than root canal therapy.

Myth #2: Root Canals Are Extremely Agonizing

Another common misconception about root canal treatment is that it is painful. This has made a lot of patients fear trying the dental procedure. In the past, root canal complications treatment was associated with discomfort. However, due to modern scientific advancements in dental operation, patients who undergo root canal treatment rarely feel any discomfort.

Myth #3: Root Canal Treatment Is a Short-Term Fix

This is another major misconception about root canal therapy. Many patients assume it's a temporary procedure that requires further treatment in the future. However, the advantage of root canal treatment is that it usually has longevity. The maintained tooth will last permanently if the crown is properly made and good dental hygiene is practiced.

Myth #4: Root Canal Treatment Has Various Appointments to Be Undertaken

Typically root canal treatment duration can depend on various factors such as how your infected tooth has been severely affected and how demanding the procedure is. When recommended to undergo root canal therapy, most patients visualize themselves sitting in a therapy chair for several hours and days. However, root canal therapy can be done with one or two appointments. 

Myth #5: Pain Is Associated With Root Canal Therapy

To most patients, root canal treatment is associated with agonizing toothache. Pain is usually not necessary for patients requiring root canal treatment. In some cases, your tooth nerve can become numb, and you may not feel any pain. However, you will need treatment since if the numb tooth is left untreated, there will be an increase in infections. The dead tooth is often detected during your regular checkup with the Dentist.

Myth #6: Root Canal Therapy Removes the Roots of Your Teeth

Some people assume that dentists usually remove the root of your affected tooth during root canal treatment, which is not the case. Normally the pulp of your tooth is the only thing that is removed.

Myth #7: A Root Canal Causes Diseases

In the past, people used to assume that root canals cause ailments. However, the misconception has been debunked due to modern advancements in root canal treatment.

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A root canal is a distressing name to many people. To have a clear understanding of root canals, you should be aware of misconceptions about root canal treatment and get rid of all the untrue misinterpretations about them. You will get rid of dental-related anxiety when you know about root canal safety and endodontic treatment.

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